Michael Bennett doesn’t seem inclined to leave the Seattle Seahawks. (Jeff Roberson / AP)

One of the biggest names could be off the market before NFL free agency begins.

Michael Bennett, the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive lineman, is leaning toward re-signing with the Seahawks, according to NFL.com. Although the Chicago Bears were interested, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network tweeted that they are “turning [their] attention elsewhere” despite offering a deal worth about $8.5 million. The Seahawks were offering a little less, $8 million.

“You just got to stay tuned, man, like a suspenseful movie,” Michael said in an NFL Network interview Monday morning. “I got to leave it suspenseful right now.”

Martellus Bennett had big plans for playing on the same team as his brother in Chicago.

“If the contract is not the numbers that you want, you got to think about the market and off the field,” Martellus Bennett told the Chicago Tribune. “We could do Doublemint commercials. Look at Duck Dynasty. Talk about the Black Duck Dynasty right now. Me and you, bro. So it’s just a lot of opportunity. Chicago is the best fans, unique city, great opportunities business-wise, which I know there’s a lot of things you want to do off the field after football. None of those things are tech or coffee, so, I mean, Seattle, that’s what they’re offering you. So come on down to Chicago, man.

“Usually when you go from another team to another team, you may have a friend there. You may just be jumping into the water. But there there’s a bridge. Your brother is the bridge.”

Free agency starts at 4 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.