(Jeff Roberson / AP)

Ball or kid?

Ah, the modern ballpark conundrum. Do you turn your attention away from your offspring long enough to snag a sweet souvenir that can be obtained at any reasonably well-stocked Dick’s store for a mere pittance or do you hold onto the tot and let that souvenir — the only one that’s ever going to come your way at a ballpark because these things are rare, my friend — end up in someone else’s grimey, mustard-stained mitts?

A fan in Port St. Lucie, Fla., rassled with that dilemma Monday when Chris Young’s ground-rule double headed toward him and he momentarily let go of a stroller containing one of his children and it rolled precipitously down the hill. Fortunately, it was all captured by cameras.

Yeah, he missed the ball, saved the child and, no, he’s probably never seen the railway station steps scene in “The Untouchables.”