(Jack Dempsey / AP)

Coach Chip Kelly got another weapon for his offense Thursday morning, when the Philadelphia Eagles traded for New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles.

The news comes hours after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Washington Redskins were “making a push” for Sproles, who did indeed wind up in the NFC East. In exchange for Sproles, the Saints will receive a fifth-round draft pick. On Wednesday, Sproles told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that he wanted to be released rather than traded, preferring to control his destination, and that was only the beginning of a less-than-amicable departure from New Orleans.

“I don’t know where they would send me because I have no control over it and I want to be able to pick,” he said. “The good thing is none of the teams I’m told they’re talking to are terrible. It’s more than two. I feel I should have more of an idea later on.”

Sproles and the Saints aren’t parting on good terms. He and his wife said on social media that they’d been told he’d be released, then were told a trade was being worked out on Monday. That prompted Sproles to tweet:

On Wednesday night, Sproles’s wife, Michel, wrote, in part, in an Instagram post that has been deleted:

“I am so disappointed in the Saints organization & the way they are treating my husband. I understand this is a brutal business but when u have a good guy who works hard & does a lot for the community, u think they would show a little more respect. To verbalize to him that they will release him so he can at least choose a team he wants to spend his last few years in the NFL on and then take it back without a word and try to trade him is [messed] up. I no I have no control over this & God is gon work it out but in the meantime I’m gon vent & talk [expletive].”