Steve Smith’s release by the Panthers was unpopular with a young fan named Gavin. (Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

People are so busy totaling up the winners and losers in NFL free agency that they forget one important factor:

What about the kids?

One tot named Gavin took the departure of Steve Smith from the Carolina Panthers hard — very hard — and naturally his dad recorded his sobbing reaction and posted it on YouTube.

Poor little guy isn’t helped by his chipper sister, who says “I love Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly!” (She wouldn’t be trying to make him feel worse, would she? Nah. Siblings aren’t like that.) The child’s reaction reached Smith, who signed with the Baltimore Ravens last week and reached out to the family on Twitter.

A little later, the story ended happily with a promise from Smith.

Brandon Jacobs set the bar pretty high for Smith a couple of year ago, when he rewarded a little Giants fan who sent him his $3.36 savings in an attempt to keep him in New York.