Phil Jackson won two championships as a Knicks player. (AP Photo/File)

At shortly after 11 a.m., Phil Jackson will be introduced as the new basketball boss who will try to fix all that’s wrong with the New York Knicks. His greatest star from his days as coach of the Chicago Bulls thinks he’ll be just fine.

“Phil can do some good things with them because he’s gifted,” Michael Jordan told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Monday. “Phil is fantastic at managing egos and personalities, getting everyone on the same page and maxing out whatever potential is there for what should be the common and ultimate goal.

“Just because he’s never been an executive before doesn’t mean he can’t do that. He’s wanted to do it for a while now, and I know he can do it … so long as he has the necessary pieces in place.”

Jordan, who won six NBA championships with Jackson, will be a competitor against Jackson on a different level now.

“Phil is great,” Jordan said. “He’s very smart. He’ll figure out pretty quickly what needs to get done, and he’ll have plenty of guys in the league willing to help him, myself included.

“The only problem is none of us will be willing to give up great players or draft picks to do that. That’s the part of the job all of us have found pretty difficult, me included. But I wish him luck. I believe in him, and I’m confident anything he does will work eventually.”