Jon Peters, Big Nut, arrives in Buffalo for the NCAA tournament. He appears to be an Ohio State fan. (Bill Wippert / AP)

In a further sign that they’re just putting money in a pile and igniting it at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, a terrific video that shows rats in a maze predicting NCAA winners has surfaced the network.

(Rats, NCAA? Nah. Too easy.)

Someone built a little bracket-maze, came up with 32 dwarf rats, and sent the rat pack critters on their merry way. The result? The rats climbed over each other, they sniffed the camera lens and, as with the human NCAA, there was some disregard for the rules/walls.

By the way, the Florida rat won.

“We were bouncing some ideas around about the unpredictability and craziness of a bracket, and how it also looks like a maze,” ESPN marketing manager Won Kim told the Hartford Courant. “Then we landed on a ‘eureka’ moment of, how about small animals in a bracket maze. We went with dwarf rats, and the name ‘Rat Bracket’ was born.”