Warren Buffett went all in on Creighton. (Nati Harnik / AP)

Warren Buffett might be willing to give you another chance at taking away one of his billions of dollars.

The Oracle of Omaha’s Berkshire Hathaway insurance company had backed the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge  that ended so abruptly Friday night with a flurry of NCAA tournament upsets. On Monday, he said on the “Dan Patrick Show” that he wouldn’t have minded the payout.

“That’s just part of the insurance business,” he said. “It would not have bothered me to pay out the billion.”

Of course, you’d think that that’s easy to say, given that there was no winner, but Buffett doesn’t stop there. He’d like a do-over — and would make the contest easier to win. (Oh, what a nice man.)

“I’d like to modify it a bit,” he said, “so people had an even better shot than they did this year.”

Which is good, since the last three brackets with a chance of winning were bounced with the 25th game. Buffett didn’t fare so well, either, because he went big on Creighton.

“If it’s not for money,” he said, “I pick with my heart.”

Meanwhile, one genius bracket-filler-outer might have had that billion…if only he’d entered the Quicken contest. Brad Binder filled out his Yahoo Sports bracket “for fun.”

Binder told ABC News he’d like to make a deal with Buffett.

“I’m hot on Warren Buffett’s trail,” Binder said. “I’ve been tweeting him to get in contact to see if he’s feeling up to it.”

Better luck next year.