Johnny Manziel looked great … unless he looked terrible. It depends on who was blabbing about him. (Patric Schneider / AP)

Johnny Manziel threw for NFL scouts and coaches today.

In a scene that was by turns surreal, sublime and silly, he also threw for a rapt-ish ESPN audience, politicians who included former president George H.W. Bush and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former First Lady Barbara Bush and Barbara Bush’s dogs. And, of course, Nike offered everyone the opportunity to dress just like the former Texas A&M quarterback — minus the sweet camo shorts he was rocking.

Which pretty much sums up just how surreal the scene was. There were over 100 media members and eight head coaches.

As for football, did anyone learn anything? Manziel completed 61 of his 63 passes against a defense that consisted of quarterbacks guru George Whitfield wielding a broom. He worked within the pocket and outside of it, but it’s impossible to say what any of it means. For every pundit who liked what he saw, there was another one who did not. And a third who pointed out that Manziel isn’t 6 feet tall. Take Aaron Rodgers’ word for what it all meant.

As for Manziel, he told the NFL Network: “My main thing is that I’m not scared of anything. I don’t play that way. Why come out here in a scripted workout and be scared of anything? Let’s make it as challenging as we possibly could. Go out and have fun with it.”