(Courtesy Molly Fitzpatrick)
(Courtesy Molly Fitzpatrick)

The arrival of the baseball season means only one thing, really: Let the ballpark proposals begin!

For some people, the process is simple. Turn to your significant other during the seventh-inning stretch and say, “Hey, maybe we should get hitched or something.”

For everybody else, there’s another option. For a fee, most ballparks offer a little something more, with options that can include a scoreboard, a DVD, a mascot, fireworks or, perhaps, a champagne toast. All of this, of course, costs money. It isn’t Kim and Kanye money, but it still can add up and Molly Fitzpatrick at Swimmingly has the essential ballpark figures. The Nationals, for example, offer a scoreboard message for $500 and a live video-board proposal for $1,500. In Pittsburgh, $38.50 gets you a scoreboard message.

(In five ballparks — Kansas City, Anaheim, Baltimore, Toronto and at the Mets’ Citi Field — you’re on your own.)

And, if you’re having trouble getting to first base, Major League Baseball can help you “find other single baseball fans” with a Match.com app.

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