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It’s opening day all around the country! Well, if you don’t count the games played in Australia or the nationally televised game Sunday night. But fans all over the country are preparing to root, root, root for the home team. Who is that home team, you may ask? The answer is a little more complicated than one may think.

Luckily, the folks at Facebook put together a handy dandy map to show who roots for which team, but the geography may surprise you a bit.


Like anyone who watches “SportsCenter” knows, the New York Yankees are popular — and their popularity isn’t just a Northeastern phenomenon. Pinstripe fandom reaches as far as Alaska and in such rural locales as Montana. It’s no wonder the Nationals’ Bryce Harper grew up a Yankees fan, there’s a healthy Bronx Bombers fan base in the slugger’s home state of Nevada.

Speaking of the Nationals, it can tough to untangle the Nats fans from the Orioles fans with the teams located so close together, but it’s hard not to notice the pocket of Yankees fans in the middle of the Nats/O’s mix.

One surprise from the map? A lack of Red Sox red all over the country. For a team whose fan base proudly declares itself “Red Sox Nation,” you’d expect pockets of red, well, everywhere. Beyond a pocket of fans in Alaska, Red Sox Nation seems pretty-well centered in New England.

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