John Harbaugh probably would rather face the media than his brother-in-law right now. (John Raoux / AP)

Indiana Coach Tom Crean swears he was only kidding, but there was a wee bit of a family crisis over the weekend when his brother-in-law showed up at the NCAA tournament regional in Madison Square Garden wearing — gasp — a Michigan State cap.

That in-law, Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, was watching the Spartans lose when CBS pounced on the opportunity to promo its 2014 Thursday night NFL games by showing him in the stands in the offending lid.

Crean, who is married to Harbaugh’s sister Joani, quickly tweeted about it.

A little later, he supplied the obligatory LOL and noted that he has nothing but high regard for Spartans Coach Tom Izzo.

No word yet on how San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh, who played football at Michigan, felt about the cap.