FILE - In this Jan. 31, 2014 file photo, Donald Trump speaks at the Erie County Republican Committee fundraiser at Salvatore's Italian Gardens in Depew, NY. On Friday, March 14, 2014, Trump used Twitter to announce that he will not seek the Republican nomination to run for the New York governorship. Trump has been flirting with challenging Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo for some months. (AP Photo/Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, Joed Viera, File) (AP Photo/Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, Joed Viera, File)

Donald Trump, New York City real-estate magnate, billionaire and reality-show star, says he has been approached about becoming an NFL owner.

“People have actually talked to me about the Bills,” Trump told WBEN radio in Buffalo, N.Y. (via ESPN). “I mean, the group of people called me — would I be interested in investing, and I’ll take a look at it. I mean, I look at a lot of things. I’ll take a look at it.”

The team’s owner and founder, Ralph Wilson, died last week, prompting speculation about whether the team might relocate to Los Angeles.

“I know so many people in Buffalo and they have asked me about look at that and I certainly would look at it but I would … if it were me I’d keep the team in Buffalo,” he said. “I think it’s something that is really vital to the area. … It would be catastrophic, in my opinion, if Buffalo lost the Buffalo Bills.”

Trump’s last foray into football, with the USFL, didn’t end so well and it isn’t always easy to tell when he’s speaking hypothetically, so who knows if this will come to pass? But if it does, it would be fun to see him debate the future of the NFL with Mark Cuban.