The Boston Red Sox celebrated their World Series victory with a trip to the White House and this presidential visit will go down as one of the more colorful ones.

There was the stars-and-stripes blazer worn by Jonny Gomes (with his teammates choosing not to wear theirs), a classic selfie by David Ortiz and the obligatory comments about the Chicago White Sox from their No. 1 fan, President Obama. “Even a White Sox fan can appreciate these guys,” he noted (via the Reliable Source’s JulieAnn McKellogg).

The selfie, from Ortiz’s perspective:

How the selfie went down:

(Sarah Parnass / TWP)

It isn’t easy to overshadow Gomes, but Ortiz did it.

In the South Lawn ceremony, Obama joked about having a staff filled with Red Sox fans, then turned serious by praising players for their role in helping the community heal after the Marathon bombings last April

“Boston and the Red Sox were one this season,” Obama told a crowd that included former Boston mayor Thomas Menino and transit police officer Richard Donohue, who was wounded during the manhunt that followed the bombings. “Bottom line is, I’m proud of these guys,” he said. “As a baseball fan, I appreciate their comeback season, but more importantly, as president, I’m grateful for their character and their embrace of the essential role they played in the spirit of that city.”

The president couldn’t resist wrapping it up with one little jab: “May the best Sox win.”

From earlier coverage:

Most of the players went with a more look befitting the occasion.

And Gomes’s look, which wasn’t catching on:

Gomes purchased the jackets to go along with the red, white and blue boxers that players have worn since last season in the clubhouse (we’ll take Gordon Edes’ word on that) and because he knows the manufacturer. And, yes, they do have a jacket for President Obama.

And, in case you were wondering, the jackets aren’t actually made of flags. That is prohibited by the U.S. Flag Code, which states that the flag shall not be worn as “an article of personal adornment, a design of items of temporary use and item of clothing.”

Press secretary Jay Carney geared up in the only way possible, really, for this team.

Once inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Big Papi took over. Oh, yes, he did.