Jadeveon Clowney’s pro day drew a crowd, which was the whole idea. (Mary Ann Chastain / AP)

The Houston Texans professed to like what they saw from Jadeveon Clowney on his pro day Wednesday in Columbia, S.C., and at least one person thinks Clowney deserves to be the player they take with the No. pick in the NFL draft next month.

“I can pretty much do it all,” Clowney said (via the Houston Chronicle). “… I am a playmaker. I’ve got what it takes [to be the No. 1 pick].”

All but two NFL teams watched Clowney, a 6-5, 266-pound defensive end best known for the big hit he delivered during the 2012 season, with Cleveland and Tennessee passing on the chance to watch him do drills. And that spat in which Gamecocks Coach Steve Spurrier questioned his dedication to hard work.

“I think my work ethic is pretty good. I think I proved that today,” Clowney said, “but I’ve still got a lot of proving to do.”

The Texans would seem to be more in need of a quarterback, but Clowney is considered by many scouts to be the kind of game-changer who can’t be passed up.

“He had a good day,” Coach Bill O’Brien said. “… He’s all about work.”

Next month, he’ll be one of the first players drafted and he was asked in an ESPN interview if he’d be okay with being the second pick.

“No,” he said emphatically, drawing laughter. then he added, “If I go [No.] 2, I’ll deal with it.”