Tiger Woods’s pain is a casual fan’s gain at the Masters. (Sam Greenwood / Getty Images)

On Tuesday, news dropped that Tiger Woods would not be able to play in the Masters next week. Shortly afterward, so did ticket prices.

It’s still ludicrously expensive to attend the event at Augusta National, but for the fan looking to cross attending this event off the ol’ bucket list, Woods’s misfortune presents a great opportunity. Prices for some single-day badges dropped 10 percent on StubHub.com within the first hour of Woods’s announcement, Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel writes. They were down by nearly 20 percent and falling. Never mind that Woods, who underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc earlier this week, hasn’t won a major in six years. He’s still a huge draw. From Wetzel:

As of Woods’ midday withdrawal announcement on Tuesday, badges for next Thursday’s opening round were going for $1,165 on StubHub.com.

By 11 a.m. (ET) Wednesday they were down to $940, a 19.3 percent drop in less than a day, and will likely continue to drop.

“No single athlete has a greater impact on our ticket prices,” said Glenn Lehrman, a spokesman for StubHub who travels to Augusta each April to oversee the operation from the company’s badge pick-up/hospitality house across from the Augusta National.

Don’t wait, though, for prices to drop further because the number of tickets on the secondary market is extremely small.