Sometime late Saturday afternoon, NCAA tournament viewers will grab their cellphones, the tattered remnants of their brackets and their remotes as they prepare to watch the Final Four.


Not long afterward, their world will be rocked because the games aren’t where they’re supposed to be, where they have been seemingly forever. No longer are they on CBS.

That’s right. For the first time in the 76-year history of the NCAA tournament, the Final Four games will appear on a cable network. TBS will carry the semifinals as  part of the gigantic 14-year contract the NCAA signed with CBS and Turner in 2010 that everyone just forgot about until last weekend, when Saturday’s Elite Eight games appeared on cable. In addition, “Your Team, Your Way” broadcasts, tailored for each team, will be shown at the same time as the semis on TNT and truTV.

Normalcy will be restored Monday, when CBS will carry the championship game, but viewers shouldn’t get too comfy. In 2016, that game will be on TBS, too.