Jim Kelly responds to an ovation at the New York Knicks game against the Washington Wizards on Friday in Madison Square Garden. (Frank Franklin II / AP)

Jim Kelly, the Hall of Fame quarterback who will begin treatment Monday for oral cancer, took in a New York Knicks game Friday night in Madison Square Garden.

“My big battle starts Monday, when I start my radiation and chemo,” Kelly, whose wife, Jill, and daughter, Erin, were with him, told MSG Network, “and I hope when it’s all over they get everything, but right now we’re praying for a miracle.”

Kelly, who has been hospitalized in New York, said the trip to the Garden was a reward for his daughter, who made the dean’s list in her first semester at Liberty University and admitted that he feels “sometimes good, sometimes bad.” He added that “I am definitely not well enough to be here, but I brought my daughter and that’s the main thing. I’ll do anything for her, and my wife’s here also.”

Kelly has had an outpouring of support from fans and former teammates since his wife announced that an “aggressive” cancer, first diagnosed last spring, had returned.

“I’ve never given up on anything in my life and I’m not ready to start right now,” Kelly said, “so it will be a long battle, but I’m going to beat it.”