Jerry Jones (at left with George Strait) became a punchline Sunday night. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Tough weekend for Jerry Jones, owner/general manager of the Dallas Cowboys and builder of JerryWorld in North Texas.

First, he was booed Saturday when, just before tipoff at the Final Four in his stadium, his visage was shown on the giant video screen that hovers over the floor at AT&T Stadium. And booed, shall we say, with gusto.

Then, during the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night, he was booed again and, to boot, was the butt of a joke when Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan noted that next year’s 50th-anniversary awards would be held at JerryWorld.

Shelton (via StyleBlog’s Emily Yahr): “You never see an awards show at Cowboys Stadium.”

Bryan: “You never see a playoff game there, either.”

Bada bing.

Jones was present in the audience at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and let’s just say that he wasn’t terribly amused, judging by his reaction.