There was a fight Sunday and a hockey game broke out … the only problem is that this wasn’t any ordinary hockey game at Nassau Coliseum. It was a 41-year-old charity event. Featuring New York City policemen. Against New York City firefighters.

In a story line straight out of “Rescue Me,” benches cleared and the game was delayed 25 minutes.

“It was reminiscent of the old-time Rangers-Flyers games in the mid-’70s,” an unidentified NYPD cop told the New York Post. “I was waiting for [Philadelphia’s enforcer] Dave Schultz to come out on the ice.”

Only, we repeat, this was a game between firefighters and law-enforcement officers. There were a number of skirmishes that preceded the brawl, which broke out when the score was 3-3. NYPD won, 8-5. There’s video here showing a “PD [stinks] chant breaking out.”