(Stephan Savoia / AP) (Stephan Savoia / AP)

As he leaves for Buffalo, Brandon Spikes took a shot at the New England Patriots with a controversial word choice.

The linebacker described his time under Coach Bill Belichick as “4 years a slave” in a tweet that brought down upon him the Twitter wrath of fans.

The rip was occasioned by the release of the NFL preseason schedule, which got Spikes thinking about the fact the the Buffalo Bills will play his old team twice a year. “Great games on the schedule for 2014,” he tweeted, “but it’s going to be like Christmas to hand the #Patriots #PatriotsNation a L…twice! #BILLSMAFIA.”

It was the “fan” remark, though, that angered people and kept Spikes busy, he said, “blocking [a derogatory term for Massachusetts residents].” Spikes, after all, earned $3.21 million on his four-year rookie deal and signed a one-year deal worth $3.25 million with the Bills. Part of his frustration with New England stems from the fact that he was on the injured-reserve list at the end of the year because of what the Patriots said was a knee injury. A report later indicated that he was on IR as punishment for being late to a team meeting.

Spikes will have his work cut out for him in his new locale. The Patriots are 20-2 against the Bills since 2003.