(Courtesy El Paso Chihuahuas) (Courtesy El Paso Chihuahuas)

Unsuspecting rookies aren’t the only ones who can be pranked by their teammates.

Still, what happened to Jeff Francoeur, 30, is rather amazing. Now playing for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the San Diego Padres’ Triple-A team, he was pranked by teammates, who managed to convince him that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf and maintained the charade for a month. Never mind that Reyes sometimes talked to teammates, Francoeur was oblivious. Naturally, there’s video evidence of this, put together by first baseman Cody Decker.

“How can somebody be this stupid?” Brooks Conrad wonders in the video.

“Idiot. Complete. Utter. Idiot,” Ryan Jackson says, rather succinctly.

“What an idiot,” Reyes says.

You get the picture. Watch to the end, for the credits and the big reveal.

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