The St. Louis Rams would love, just love, to give someone $100,000. All a person has to do is predict, with pinpoint accuracy, the particulars of the team’s 2014 schedule.

The opponents for all NFL teams have been set since the regular season ended. Now all a person has to do to win 100k is correctly predict each week’s opponent, the location of the game, the exact date (trickier with all those Thursday games and don’t forget the Saturday game!) and the date of the Rams’ bye week.

It’s got to be easier than winning a billion from Warren Buffett in the NCAA tournament. And, should there be a tie, the Rams will hold a trivia contest to determine the winner. Oh, and there’s only one entry person and entrants must be 18 or older. Try your hand at If that sounds too daunting, the Buffalo Bills are offering a similar contest, only their prize is season tickets for life.

As for that schedule, it won’t be released this week. In fact, it will be released when the NFL is darn well ready to release it.