Jay Glazer may sound as saucy and sassy as ever, but the Fox Sports reporter was in tough shape there for a while when a simple surgical procedure went nearly fatally wrong.

“I went in for a routine back deal,” Glazer told Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.  “Nothing big.  Dissolving a piece of a disc that broke.  Something that was real easy took a turn.”

You might say that. The anesthesia sickened him and he vomited…and inhaled some of the vomit. The stomach acid burned his lungs and he began to convulse. He was rushed to a hospital and spent four days recovering from aspiration double pneumonia.

“It could go one of two ways,” Glazer said, “and for a while I was going the wrong way.”

For Glazer, unquestionably the fittest of The Men Who Report on the NFL for Network TV because of his MMA training, the recovery has been slow because of the damage to his lungs, which were burned by the bile and stomach acid. For the first two weeks, he said on the “Dan Patrick Show,” he said he “couldn’t walk two blocks” and he’s had multiple setbacks during his recovery. Now, with his heart working harder because of the lowered oxygenation, his resting pulse has been 115. He’s going to try to rejoin Fox this weekend for UFC coverage, he told Florio, and left him with a story that shows he’s bouncing back.

During his hospitalization, he had a candy craving, so “I unhooked myself, and I told the nurse I was talking a walk.  I convinced the guys who were with me to take me downstairs to the gift shop.  I went in and bought $230 worth of chocolate.  In my gown with my [butt] hanging out.”

He was a little more emotional with Patrick, saying the worst was when his son saw him sick in the hospital.

“It was the craziest thing that ever happened to me,” he said. “It makes you look at life differently.”