Donald Trump may not be a slam-dunk choice to own an NFL team. (Lucas Jackson / Reuters)

Donald Trump’s road to ownership of the Buffalo Bills may not be smooth.

For one thing, other people are interested in purchasing the NFL franchise, which got a “for sale” sign when Ralph Wilson died. Some of those people, like the Bills’ Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly and Jon Bon Jovi, a rocker who’s a perennial pal of other owners and NFL executives, have a great deal of clout.

And then there’s that other thing … that whole lawsuit thing. It may have been 28 years ago that Trump, as an owner in the upstart USFL, sued the NFL, but owners never forget a slight — let alone a $1.69 billion anti-trust lawsuit. (Never mind that all of $1 — which was trebled — was awarded in damages.) There were NFL 28 teams in 1986 and, the New York Daily News’ Gary Myers reports, 15 are still owned by the same person or family. Trump, in order to be approved as owner, would need 24 of 32 votes to be accepted into the club.

“He did try to bring the NFL down,” an unnamed owner told Myers. “Certainly, a lot of owners aren’t around anymore. Maybe some of the new guys wouldn’t bear the same type of resentment that some of the older guys would. Do you think he would be a good partner for us or be somewhat of a maverick and be in it for himself? All questions that have to be asked. It’s not just the USFL stuff. Who knows how serious he is? He likes to have his name out there. Let’s put it this way: I don’t think his confirmation would be a slam dunk.”