Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin, left, prepares to high-five teammate Chris Paul during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Phoenix Suns on April 2, 2014 in Phoenix. The Clippers won 112-108. (Matt York / AP Photo)

The Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul and Blake Griffin may be teammates on the court, but away from the game, they’re quickly establishing a rivalry: Who makes the funniest commercials?

Paul’s latest ad, which premiered last weekend, continues the Cliff/Chris “separated-at-birth twins” saga, in which one sibling becomes a State Farm agent and the other an NBA superstar. The series is well done, throughout, but the latest ad scores big at the end thanks to a terrific cameo. (Spoiler alert: it’s Stephen Curry and his twin…Stewart maybe?)

Meanwhile, Griffin’s ad, which hit the airwaves last month and features him flying through the air (again — and again — because he’s really good being airborne), has a more exciting product to flog, the Kia Optima, as well a more prominent costar, Jack McBrayer of “30 Rock” fame.

Both are funny, right? Which is what makes deciding which is better even harder. While many might be tempted to give the funniest ad crown to Paul, who somehow makes learning about insurance entertaining, no one can deny Griffin’s timing and deadpan delivery, which tops the wilder antics of McBrayer, a trained comedic actor.

Best case scenario: Paul and Griffin team up and make an ad for H&R Block that features them both as pairs of long-lost triplets flying through space in a rigid airship. Shaquille O’Neal can cameo with his bottle of Gold Bond.