Kevin Durant hits a three-point shot while getting fouled and bumped out of bounds. He also made the subsequent free throw to help his Thunder make up a late deficit in regulation against Memphis. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The Thunder lost to the Grizzlies last night, 111-105 in overtime, but no one will remember that years from now. They will remember Kevin Durant’s shot that led to a four-point play, however. Because it was insane. Both in the membrane, and out.

(Courtesy SBNation)

And it wasn’t at some random point in the contest, either. Oklahoma City was down by five points, 98-93, with just 13 seconds left in the game. Durant receives a pass from teammate Russell Westbrook, who was himself falling out of bounds, gets bumped by very large Memphis center Marc Gasol, and has just enough time to heave up a desperation shot before landing at the feet of soon-to-be-overjoyed fans in the first row.


Prepare to unfold those arms, dude, and wave them like you just don't care. (Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press) Prepare to unfold those arms, dude, and wave them like you just don’t care. (Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press)

Here’s another look at the degree of difficulty Durant overcame.

The sequence brought back memories of Larry Johnson’s four-point play against the Pacers in the 1999 Eastern Conference finals. As if Indiana fans don’t have enough about which to be currently annoyed.

One Grizzlies free throw later, Kendrick Perkins hit a putback shot just before the buzzer to send the game into overtime, providing another thrill for Thunder teammates (including Durant, right) and fans alike:

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

To its credit, Memphis somehow kept its composure and held the Thunder off in the overtime period to tie their playoff series at a game apiece. And if the Grizzlies go on to spring the upset, their effort last night will get its due.

But that Durant shot will have its place in any highlight reel of the burgeoning legend’s exploits.