Manchester United’s now ex-manager David Moyes attends a press conference in March. (Peter Powell/EPA)

Manchester United fans got their wish and a new hashtag today when the English soccer club fired Manager David Moyes on Tuesday morning. The BBC called Moyes’s one-year reign catastrophic, noting that out of 51 matches, his squad came away with just 27 wins, nine draws and 15 losses for a total victory percentage of 53 percent, which is downright dismal considering the club has a record 11 titles in the FA Cup, the top-level annual knockout competition in England, in 18 finals appearances.

So it probably comes as no surprise that as soon as the news broke that Moyes was sacked, #MoyesSacked began to trend on Twitter.

The latest Twitter hashtag isn’t the first to trend around Moyes’s short reign, though. Just before he was dismissed, fans got creative with their hatred, producing mock movie posters that summarized their thoughts of Moyes’s leadership and tagged them as #MoyesFilms.

As for the future of Manchester United, the club named Ryan Giggs, a coach on Moyes’s staff, as interim manager while the team searches for a permanent replacement. The rumors are already flying about who that could be. The Telegraph suggests it might actually end up being Giggs, who has managed to earn the respect from both players and fans that Moyes couldn’t. Other options, The Telegraph suggests Laurent Blanc, an ex-United player who now manages Paris Saint-Germain, and Diego Simeone, who leads Atlético Madrid. But Simone stayed mum when asked about his interest in the job at a news conference ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League semifinal against Chelsea.

“With all due respect, I understand the situation but it’s a very important match for us tomorrow. I am not focused on anything that is not my own players or Chelsea,” Colombia’s hilariously named reports.