Boston University’s Kelly Greenberg, whom four players have accused of rampant bullying, will no longer coach the women’s basketball team. News broke of her decision to resign late Tuesday when Greenberg told a few ex-players who supported her, the Boston Globe reports. Today, Greenberg confirmed the news in a statement posted on BU Today’s Web site. She said:

“I have determined that it is in the best interest of the University, the women’s basketball program, and myself for me to resign my position as head women’s basketball coach.”

Greenberg’s resignation comes with a bunch of controversy, however. She decided to end her 10-season reign just after BU convened a panel to examine allegations that her “coaching technique” involved mistreating and bullying players to the point that made at least four quit the team during the past year.

“A compelling case was made, based on interviews with the team as a whole, that the manner in which Coach Greenberg interacted with many of her players was incompatible with the expectations and standards for University employees, including our coaches,” said Todd Klipp, senior vice president, senior counsel, and secretary of the Board of Trustees at BU, adding “when we shared these conclusions with Coach Greenberg, she determined that it would not be possible for her to continue coaching at Boston University.”

Greenberg is still denying most of the accusations, however.

“I do not agree with some of the findings of the review panel regarding my coaching style, which was intended to produce well-rounded athletes and a winning team. However, given all that has transpired, I do not believe that it will be possible for me to continue as an effective coach at Boston University,” she said in the statement.

This decision will come as a relief to some but, others, including current and former players who contributed to a blog called The Real Kelly Greenberg, are more dismayed.

Rachael Vanderwal ’06 tweeted:

Current player Courtney Lantham tweeted more cryptically:

As for the future coach of the women’s Terriers, BU officials gave no hints regarding who they might have in mind, noting instead to BU Today that they will undertake a national search.