(Frank Gunn / AP) (Frank Gunn / AP)

The Toronto Raptors beat the Brooklyn Nets 100-95, tying their NBA playoffs series at 1-1.

There are three  important things to note about this series:

1) Drake, who is from Toronto, has found a team he can legitimately root for. He can do this even as he nonchalantly lint-rolls the cat fur from his trousers courtside.

(Courtesy NESN)

2) The Toronto Sun is crushing the New York tabloids in headline competition.

First, there was this:

Then, after Tuesday’s game:

3) The “Raptors” sign visible on telecasts under the baskets isn’t real. No matter what certain columnists write, it is merely a 3D optical illusion. This does not mean that it won’t get you every time a player nears it.