In the second inning of Wednesday’s Yankees-Red Sox game, New York starter Michael Pineda got tossed by the umpires for having pine tar on his neck. This came after a previous start by Pineda against Boston, in which many television viewers thought they could see a fair amount of pine tar on Pineda’s hand. However, by the fifth inning of that game, Pineda’s hand was clean, and so the Red Sox did nothing about it.

This time, though, the Red Sox were clearly prepared to have a sharp eye on the Yankees’ hurler. So when they thought they saw something glistening on Pineda’s neck, Manager John Farrell asked the umpiring crew to take a look.

They did, and this happened:

(via SB Nation)

Pineda faces a 10-game suspension from MLB for this illegal act. And maybe some sort of sanction by the Yankees for doing such a poor job of cheating.