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So the Yankees’ Michael Pineda got tossed on Wednesday for having pine tar on his neck against the Red Sox. I mean, he was barely trying to hide it, and his ejection came less than two weeks after basically the whole baseball-watching world (except the umps) saw that he was up to no good. Kudos to him for sticking with the plan.

Pineda is merely the latest in a long line of ball-doctoring pitchers. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying.

Joe Niekro nonchalantly tosses away the emery board in his pocket. The ur-moment of televised ball-doctoring.

Gaylord Perry, the greatest. He wrote a book called “Me and the Spitter” in the middle of his career. For that alone, he should be in the Hall of Fame (the 314 career wins are just gravy).

Kevin Gross of the Phillies gets caught with sandpaper in his glove in 1987 (a vintage year for cheating pitchers). “Just something I was foolin’ with.” Also, check out all the props this newscaster has.

The Rays’ Joel Peralta gets the hook at Nats Park in 2012, also for pine tar.

 A fine slideshow of ball-doctoring pitchers

And, finally, Angels pitcher Dave Spiewak is tossed by umpire Frank Drebin in 1988 for a host of violations (at 2:30 of the clip, but watch the whole thing).