There was something tree-mendous about Memphis guard Mike Conley’s pre- and post-game attire. Specifically, a hat with a brim made out of wood. No wonder Kevin Durant and Co. weren’t able to sap Conley’s fighting spirit — he had bark and he had bite! What’s that you say? Wood I please stop it with the awful puns? Oak-ay … let’s move on.

(Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

I suppose that if you’re going to take your fashion cues from Pharell Williams (left), then you may as well try to out-ridiculous him. And certainly, the arboreal accessory hardly put a lid on Conley’s effectiveness in Game 3 of the Grizzlies’ playoff series against the Thunder. Conley posted 20 points, with 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals as seventh-seeded Memphis took a 2-1 lead over second-seeded Oklahoma  City.

And after his big game game, Conley had a message for anyone who would dare suggest that a man as spruced-up as him would be caught dead rocking anything other than the real thing:


I dunno. When I look at that top photo, I can’t help but think of this →:

But let’s just give Rodney Dangerfield, below, the last word on this subject.