Marcus Watson of England, in the old uniform, tackles Fiji’s Joeli Lutumailagi during day three of the 2014 Hong Kong Sevens in March. (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Rugby is a rough-and-tumble sport. It requires brute strength, thick skin and a high threshold for pain. So it makes sense, maybe, that a rugby team would want to soften it up a bit by modeling the pattern on its uniforms after one you might find on Christmas pajamas, as one commenter on Reddit put it.

But according to the Internet’s foremost authority on rugby kits, (obviously), the pattern isn’t inspired by kids’ PJs, but by St. George and the George Cross Medal.

They’re not quite as eye-poppingly crazy as the Norwegian men’s curling team’s, but it’s a good start.

Both the English men’s and women’s Sevens teams will wear the strips (rugby lingo) starting on May 3 at the Glasgow IRB Sevens World Series.