Protectors of man. (Associated Press)

Adam Walker is currently on a quest to become just the second person to finish a group of seven open-water swims — the Ocean’s Seven — and raise money for Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a group that looks to stop the hunting of such mammals across the world.

During his most recent swim, a 16-mile trek last week across Cook Strait in New Zealand, he encountered a great white shark swimming below him, per Yahoo. So, upon hearing of his charitable goals, the dolphins stepped in.

“Walker was worried, to say the least,” Ralphie Aversa wrote for Yahoo. “And then a pod of dolphins swam up and surrounded him. The group of about 10 stayed with him for an hour until the shark left.”

“I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home!!!” Walker wrote on Facebook.

He finished his swim and has one more left — the North Channel, which separates Ireland and Scotland — to finish the Ocean’s Seven.