Donald Trump (Lucas/Reuters)

Must all Donalds stick together? Maybe just the rich ones do.

In what surely will not help embroiled Clippers owner Donald Sterling redeem himself in the eyes of his players, NBA fans or sponsors, Donald Trump decided to publicly state that he believes Sterling’s “very,very bad girlfriend” set Sterling up. Trump made the remarks Monday morning on “Fox and Friends”:

He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend, let’s face it. She’s called ‘the girlfriend from hell.’

Luckily, Trump added, “What he said was terrible and despicable and a very strong action is going to be taken,” so as not to be labeled the worst person in the world.

But seriously, has Donald Trump ever said anything more Donald Trumpy in his life? When asked to comment on Trump’s theory, another famous Donald, Donald Duck, simply said, “Quack.”

(H/t: USA Today)