This video is like the Ben Stiller movie, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” but with less Ben Stiller and more somebody getting hit in the face repeatedly with a dodgeball. (AP Photo/Tracy Bennett)

Elite Dodgeball is an organization that puts together tournaments “for dodgeballers by dodgeballers.”  Its Youtube page has many clips of various tournament events, as well as of individual highlights, such as a fellow executing a crucial “Double Catch.”

On Saturday it also posted a clip of another moment one comes across in dodgeball from time to time: The Brutal Head Shot. Some poor guy gets beaned directly in the face, but the first view doesn’t show it very clearly. So the video editor thoughtfully added another angle. Then added tighter shots from the same angles. Then added slow-motion. Then slooooooooower-motion.

It’s pretty great. And it promises to be just the first in a “Brutal Head Shots” series, so there’s reason to hope for — nay, demand — more.


[h/t Reddit]