NASCAR racer Josh Wise’s old, boring car. See below for the Dogecoin revamp. (Larry Papke/AP)

For those who think digital currencies are fads on their way out, feast your eyes on this.

Yes, that’s a Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR vehicle and it’ll debut at Talledega on Sunday. Sprint Cup driver Josh Wise will go behind the wheel of the car, which prominently features the “doge,” aka the inquisitive, but grammatically lacking Shibu Inu that’s one of the Internet’s most popular memes and the mascot of its eponymous cryptocurrency.

The car was first conceived by a 16-year-old on Reddit, CNN reports:

“I knew that Dogecoin had done some significant fundraisers, like sending the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics,” Denis Pavel said. “I was thinking what kind of response I would get if I did ask the [Reddit] community about sponsoring a Sprint Cup car. They were all with it.”

Fifty-five-thousand dollars — or 67 million Dogecoins — with it. Much wow.