The NBA said it is investigating a report of an audio recording in which a man purported to be Donald Sterling makes racist remarks while speaking to his girlfriend. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

If you haven’t heard, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has found himself in hot water after racist remarks that he allegedly made to a girlfriend were made public.

Columnist Tom Boswell weighed in on the controversy during his weekly Monday chat.

On whether any other professional sports commissioner is feeling more pressure than NBA Commissioner Adam Silver:

This is Marge Schott all over again. MLB owners tolerated her intolerance for years, then got burned when she praised Hitler. But MLB had its anti-trust exemption to give its commissioner much more power to act unilaterally. Not total power, but plenty. And that led to the owners acting behind the scenes to push her out of the sport.

The NBA has no choice. As soon as it’s verified to everyone’s satisfaction that the comments are accurate, this creep has to go. Yes, it’ll take as while to find a buyers for the Clippers. The NBA may face law suits. But you can’t let this slide. As Sally [Jenkins] pointed out this a.m., it’s the owners — who allowed him to stay in their club for years — who have to step up now. If they don’t…well, they will because the damage to their product will be too great if they refuse.

Sterling will be gone. It’s just a matter of how soon and by what method. The NBA owners have no choice. This will not “go away.”

On the billionaires’ club:

“Behind every great fortune there is a great crime.” -Balzac

I’m not aware of any Billionaires Club — anywhere — that has “character” as a qualification for membership. I think it has more to do with…hmmm….money. And the relationship between making an ENORMOUS amount of money and “good behavior” is vague at best.

On other people who share Sterling’s beliefs in the comments section of Sally Jenkins’ column:

Comments of stories on politics-race-sex always attract a bad crowd. Yes, plus plenty of normal folks, too. But never take to heart, or get down because of “comments” on public forums on those subjects. They’re Nut Magnets.

On Sterling’s ability to boost his image through ads:

Until it doesn’t work any more.

Companies are pulling their sponsorship of the Clippers.

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