Hugh Jackman (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Celebrities popping by “WWE Raw” to promote an upcoming film has become a pretty common phenomenon. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Manganiello, Aaron Paul and even Betty White have all made recent appearances on the long-running Monday night program. But none of them can say they’ve been on twice. Enter Hugh Jackman, who last dropped by on Sept. 19, 2011. On Monday night, the Australian actor once again appear to once again promote the latest film in the “X-Men” franchise

While the franchise Jackman is promoting didn’t change, the person he beefs with probably will. In 2011, it was Dolph Ziggler, who then was a heel, or bad guy. To the delight of the audience, Jackman landed one straight in the kisser.

Now that Ziggler’s had a face turn, however, and he’s officially a good guy, there’s a likely chance he and Jackman will team up to pick on Damien Sandow, a heel who refers to himself as an “intellectual savior” and everyone else as an “ignoramus.” (It’s brilliant.) The three hinted at the story line on social media last week:

TL;DR: Someone will be punched in the face and it’ll rule.