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Protests over racist comments allegedly made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling has officially moved beyond the state of California.

Prior to Game 4 against the Bobcats on Monday night, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat removed their team-branded warmup jackets and left them at half court. It was a move of solidarity with Clippers players, who had done the same thing before their game on Sunday afternoon.

Both teams completed the rest of their warmups with their shirts turned inside out to hide team logos.

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This wasn’t the first time the Heat organization had spoken out about Sterling’s alleged comments. Owner Mickey Arison released a statement on Saturday saying the comments were “appalling, offensive and very sad.”

The protests also began to hit Sterling in the wallet on Monday as Clippers partners State Farm, CarMax, Virgin America, Chumash Resort Casino, Mercedes-Benz, Kia Motors America, Red Bull, Lumber Liquidators, Yokohama Tire, LoanMart, Corona, AQUAhydrate and Sprint had all suspended its sponsorships or cut ties with the team altogether.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is set to speak to members of the media today about what’s next for Sterling and the Clippers.

In 2012, the Heat made a protest of a different kind. They posted photos of themselves in black hoodies in response to Trayvon Martin’s death.

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