Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for life, fined him $2.5 million and urged the NBA Board of Governors to force him to sell the team.  (Emmanuel Dunand /  AFP / Getty Images

Sports franchises, especially those in big markets with a roster of glittering stars, rarely hit the market so it’s no surprise that no sooner did NBA Commissioner Adam Silver drop the hammer on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, banning him for life from the NBA and urging the Board of Governors to force him to sell, than prospective guyers were expressing interest.

Among the early names:

David Geffen. The multibillionaire entertainment mogul, tried to guy the team a few years back for $600 million and the Wall Street Journal reports that his interest has not waned. He has not been in touch with the league in months, though.

Rick Ross and P. Diddy. They announced their interest on Twitter.

A number of billionaires have reached out to Silver and their identities will emerge in coming days and weeks. And Magic Johnson, whose deep-pocketed partners helped him become an owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, might step forward, too.