Robinson Cano, left, and Derek Jeter. (Elsa/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees have a unique clause in their contracts: no beards. In fact, according to the rules, no facial hair is allowed at all. As one might imagine, in this day and age when male facial hair is having a comeback, that could take a toll on a Yankee’s psyche. In particular, it seems to have made Derek Jeter a little envious, judging from his actions Tuesday night when he greeted Robinson Cano, a former Yankee who now plays for the Seattle Mariners, during a home game.

(Via Reddit)

And Cano’s beard isn’t even lush!

One can only imagine how Jeter feels about the Dodgers’ Brian Wilson, who famously refused to lop his whiskers to become a Yankee last year, the LA Times reports.

And just for good measure: