(Nick Wass/AP)

Athletes might want to think twice before signing up to shill for Gatorade. The money just might not be worth it because, judging from the fate of two of Gatorade’s most famous spokesathletes, the brand might just be jinxed.

First, there’s the case of Bryce Harper.

Just a few days after his Gatorade ad hit the airwaves, he was sidelined with an injury to his thumb. The Nationals star, in fact, has to have surgery and will be out until July. With that in mind, this GIF has brand-new meaning. Harper’s not screaming because he’s fierce, but because he’s frustrated…

Next up is the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George.

Anyone who’s been following the NBA playoffs knows things are most definitely not going George’s way. He and his No. 1-seeded team have been playing so uncharacteristically that his own fans have taken to heckling him. One fan was even caught on the mic during an official broadcast of Tuesday night’s Game 5, where the Pacers lost 107-97 to the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks in. He did not have very nice things to say to George.

The fan shouts:

“Hey George, why don’t you start playing some basketball and stop traveling? I guess you’re ready to go home in the first round! You’re ready to go home in the first round against Atlanta? You’re supposed to be an All-Star. Start playing ball and stop traveling.”

No, the immediate future’s not looking good for George and the Pacers. To ensure a Game 7 the Pacers must win tomorrow when they take on the Hawks in Atlanta. Maybe they should try filling the coolers with Powerade instead.