Magic Johnson isn’t going to stop posing for pictures. (Neil Barris / AP)

Over the weekend, Magic Johnson found himself inextricably involved in the extraordinary sequence of events that resulted in the end of Donald Sterling’s life as the owner of an NBA team.

First, on that infamous recording of his racist comments, Sterling asked V. Stiviano to delete an Instagram photo of herself with the Lakers’ legend. Then, no matter how hard he tried, his name kept coming up when the conversation got around to possible owners for the team. It wasn’t any different Tuesday, when he made an appearance at the Magic of a Promise Fundraiser at The Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Mich.

“I was having a good day, eating breakfast with my wife,” Johnson said (via of how his Saturday unraveled when the audio was posed on a gossip website. “TMZ blasts this thing that Donald Sterling doesn’t want Magic Johnson at basketball games.

“Wow. Now I have to stand up not just for myself but for all minorities. For me, I’m going to be very happy when I don’t have to answer every question about this situation. My life has been affected by this the last three days. … It’s funny how you just take a picture with someone and get into this mess. I’m not going to stop taking pictures, so maybe I’ll get in more messes.”

Johnson, like NBA players, was pleased with Commissioner Adam Silver’s bold decision to ban the owner for life and urge owners to vote to force the sale of the team. “It was a great day for the United States, a great day for the NBA, a great day for all people of all races, but especially African-Americans and Latinos who he was speaking out against,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s visit to Saginaw was brief because of Silver’s decision. “Because of this mess, I have to go back and do all the shows in L.A. tomorrow,” he said.

(AP Photo)

And he’s going to be asked at every single stop whether he’s going to be the next owner of the Clippers.

“There hasn’t been no talks of that,” Johnson told reporters (via “People just link me to the team. I’ve been linked all [through] this situation, but I hope that the Clippers get a great owner, whoever that’s going to be.”

Of course, reports continue to say that Magic and his group are interested.