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Norv Turner has taken his offensive-coordination skills to Minnesota, and the Vikings are getting used to their new schemes during voluntary minicamp this week. It’s going pretty well. Here’s the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“My head is spinning,” [wide receiver Greg] Jennings said. “Even though the offense is coming and it’s starting to sink in. Just with all the different change-ups we can present to the defense, the different looks, the different formations we can run the same play, the different variations that comes within the same play. Your head is spinning at all times until you have it down.

“The variations from one play to the variations of how we can get to that one play, is a lot. I’m being a little sarcastic with this statement, but it almost equates to what we had last year — just one play. It’s a lot.”

[Former coordinator Bill] Musgrave’s offense, famously compacted into a nice little index card, was known to be bland and predictable. It doesn’t seem that will be the case under Turner, which Jennings described as more complex.

Wait, what? The Vikings’ offense consisted of one index card last season? Yes, apparently it did, and apparently someone on Reddit got a hold of it. (NOTE: CANNOT VOUCH FOR AUTHENTICITY.)

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No wonder Norv’s offense is causing such a stir.