Paul George, left, and Roy Hibbert. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Things are not looking great for the Indiana Pacers right now. They’re down two games to three against the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks. That’s not so spectacular for a No. 1-seeded team that’s 0-10 when it comes to winning best-of seven series in which they trail 3-2. So, what can the team do to change that?

Hmm… play smaller… Whatever could that mean? Could that be not-so-veiled code that star swingman Paul George wants Coach Frank Vogel to bench 7-foot-2 defensive standout Roy Hibbert?


The locker room drama between Hibbert and George has been simmering for a while. At the end of March, Hibbert told the problem was, “Some selfish dudes in here… I’m tired of talking about it. We’ve been talking about it for a month.”

You can probably guess who Hibbert was referring to. (*Homer Simpson whispers* PAUL GEORGE!)

Whether they play big or small, however, fans just want them to drop the shenanigans play better.

As to whether Vogel will agree with George or not, though, will remain unclear until game time.

The Pacers are set to face the Hawks tonight at 7 p.m. at Atlanta’s Philips Arena.