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It may have been an all right night for the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday when they squeaked out a victory against the Brooklyn Nets 115-113 to win Game 5 of their NBA playoff series, but for one young Raptors fan it may have been the worst night ever. The cute blond next to him fully rejected his attempt to kiss her…on national TV.

(Via Twitter user @GoldAndOrSmith)

And because the Internet exists, once the GIF dropped, the jokes started on Vine.

Someone made Dikembe Mutombo weigh in.

The Price Is Right’s sad horn section got involved.

Alex Trebek LOL’d.

And Samuel Jackson had some NSFW comments.

But lest the kid feel too bad about himself, let’s all remember even the leader of the Free World once got dissed in a sports kissing situation. Remember this awkward moment from 2012?

Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from the Atlanta Hawks mascot, whose make-out game is clearly unstoppable. This, friends, is how you do it.

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