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“Kazaam.” “Space Jam.” “Thunderstruck.” Those movies, which all star NBA players, are legendary for all the wrong reasons. Oh, look! LeBron James is making a movie, too! Deadline.com writes:

“A feature based on the high school years of Miami Heat star LeBron James is in play,I’m hearing there are two offers on the table, with at least two more expected by tomorrow. The project is based on a pitch by Frank E. Flowers, with Terence Winter and Rachel Winter attached to produce with James and his manager Maverick Carter. The deal is expected to be sealed before the weekend.”

Hmm. Unlike “Kazaam” and the like, there seems to be two things that bode well for this project: 1) It doesn’t look like James will star in it; and 2) there’s a lot of legitimate names attached to this thing that just may keep it out of straight-to-DVD territory.

If you’re unfamiliar with the names Deadline.com dropped, you’ve at least heard of their work. Terrence Winter is the mind behind HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” He also got an Oscar nod this year for his script for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” He’s married to Rachel Winter, who was nominated for an Academy Award for producing “Dallas Buyers Club.” Flowers is lesser-known, but impressive nonetheless. He wrote and directed the 2003 short film “Swallow” and the 2004 film “Haven,” which starred Bill Paxton and Orlando Bloom.

As far as the story that this new production might tell, the documentary “More Than a Game,” which stars a young LeBron, might give some hints. Deadline.com writes:

“It is as much about the story of his high school team as it is about LeBron. The team from Akron, Ohio, went from obscurity to  become an AAU powerhouse, and the challenge became about handling the growing fame of James and keeping together the players who had formed such a close bond.”

Wow. Depending on how this goes, this project might even end up on an awards list rather than a discount bin at Wal-Mart. James’ other foray into film, however, a feature called “Ballers,” which he stars in alongside Kevin Hart, can take its spot on the clearance rack instead.