It will look something like this. (Tony Gutierrez / AP)

Michael Vick ran his first reverse with the New York Jets on Friday afternoon, announcing that he will wear No. 1 with his new team.

Naturally — this is the Jets, after all — this news dropped on his Twitter account a day after the team officially announced that he would wear No. 8, with the No. 7 he has worn throughout his career now on the torso of quarterback Geno Smith.

Vick wore No. 7 with the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles, but said after signing with the Jets that he wouldn’t attempt to wrest the number away from Smith, a second-year player, with a financial incentive. And, no matter what the number on Vick’s back may say, he’ll be Smith’s backup when training camp starts. Beyond that, who knows? We’re talking Jets here.