V. Stiviano gave an interview with Barbara Walters about her relationship with Donald Sterling. (2010 file photo by Danny Moloshok/Associated Press)

We have reached the Exclusive Interview phase of any modern American scandal, in which one of the parties, having previously divulged little, if anything, to the press, makes a highly negotiated appearance on a nationally televised interview program.

The New York Post (in a story about Donald Sterling having cancer that began with the incredibly icky lede, “This could wind up being a pretty short ban.”) had reported that Sterling was in talks to appear with Barbara Walters, but the other protagonist in this he-said-she-taped affair, V. Stiviano, beat him to the punch. Stiviano sat for an interview with Walters and said, without any apparent trace of irony, that Sterling feels “not supported by those around him.” Stiviano has admitted recording hours of conversations with Sterling, but has denied being the one who leaked any of them.

When asked by Walters if Sterling should apologize, Siviano said, “Absolutely.” Asked if he, in fact will apologize, Stiviano replied, “Only God knows.”

Here is a clip of that interview, provided by ABC:

And here is a TMZ footage of Stiviano after the interview, back to rocking that oversized golf visor:

As for Sterling himself, he has yet to appear in a televised interview, but he did tell Du Jour magazine, “I wish I had just paid her off.”